The Bloodirony Founders Story

As stated in our Bloodirony 101 we are three people from Vienna, Austria with a clear-cut mission: We need to save mobile gaming – the indie way. To start things up we had to decide on a name. So everyone came up with a couple of ideas. The clear winner was Bloodirony. How, why and what? We will let you know later. Promise! Basically, it just felt right. And let's be honest it sounds and looks awesome. So, why not?

We have clear goals. very early player involvement and quick results are the things that we want to make our vision work. We invest passion, time, and money to accomplish our mission and reach our goals. And it is about about fun, agile fun. Creating games should be fun, fun for the player and fun for the creator. We go mulitplatform, because it is fun.

Recently, my 5 year old son told me he wants to create a game when he grows up. "Cool," I said and asked him if it would be a video game, tabletop game or something like that. "No," he said, "it won't be a video game, it will be a game for the iPad."

Mobile games are not the sort of video games we grew up with and learned to love. They certainly are no console games either, because 99% of the time the reason to buy a console is to play games (except if you fell for the trap Sony set with the PS2 and PS3 that were supposed to be DVD/BlueRay Players and gaming consoles at the same time). You hardly ever buy a smart phone or tablet just out of the urge to play games. However, we think mobile devices have everything in place to become a platform that can become the next big thing in the evolution of digital games. The only thing missing is someone to create and actually build them without being afraid to try something new and different and not follow everything that kind of works and just copy it.


We want to create games for touch devices that feel like real video games but are native to mobile.

That means overcoming the challenges of touch controls aka controlling a game with a sausage, breaking out of porting handheld game concepts to phones with d-pad controls, and taking the chance to step away from having IPs that sell anyway and to just add sequels. WE WANT TO CREATE SOMETHING GENUINE AND NEW THAT WORKS AND IS FUN.

And yes, this is challenging, definitely not easy, and unlikely to pull off. But hey, it is about fun! And it is a chance. We take it. Everything else is herealready: the devices, the software-tools, the fail and success stories, and most importantly, our ambition to do it.

Let's look at the time frame: We started in January 2015 and the first game must be released by July 1 at the latest. So our time frame is only 6 months. You can see it as an expansive game jam: 3 people creating a game to fulfill our vision in 6 months. We are confident that we will reach our goal. Follow us on twitter, subscribe to our blog to get weekly updates, and gain (free) early access by subscribing to our newsletter. The first playable release of our first game will come in mid February. 

Shooting Stars

If you want to become the indie game studio that saves mobile gaming, you need to start somewhere, and we start with our first title: Shooting Stars. We will keep our development and design decisions open, and we will keep you up to date about them. You can follow the development on our Twitter Channel. This is the place where you can be a part of it and tell us what you think after you played an (really) early beta, and you will have the chance to get great in-game items exclusive to early beta testers. Be a part of it. Follow us and subscribe to the newsletter. We want you to be on board as early as possible. The first Version (0.1, named Mitch) will be available mid February. The 1.0 Version (named C.J.) will be out on July 1, at the latest. More on the roadmap in another blogpost.

Read the Shooting Star page. Sign up to the Newsletter and gain access to the early beta. Follow us on twitter and facebook so you can keep updated on how we save mobile gaming. We will have a blog post at least once a week and give juicy, funny insights that are worth reading. All in excellent Austrish (no, not the giant bird from Africa but the perfect blend of Austrian German and English), because that's where we are from. 


Michael Hartinger

Michael is a passionate gamer, musician, homemaker and proud father of two. With Bloodirony Games he realized a lifelong wish to create video games and squeeze lazer beams out of innocent little kittens.