Shooting Stars Beta Release – Mitch gone wild!

I want to start this post by saying thanks to all the wonderful people who have supported us in the last couple of weeks. You guys are simply awesome!

As we have mentioned, approximately 12000 times, on our social media channels we'll release a playable beta every six weeks to give you an overview of what we're doing and how the game will look like. So, six weeks after the launch of Bloodirony Games we are here to keep our promise.

We are proud and super excited to announce the very first Shooting Stars beta, called "Mitch". (this is the moment where you start drooling and yodeling which of course is accompanied by a smooth and sexy drum roll)

We've sent out a mail to all the signed up beta testers, with all the necessary instructions to install the beta and to finally start shooting stars. (Ahhhh... now everything makes sense) If you feel left out and desperately want to be part of the cool beta kids club, Y U NO SIGNUP? Just signup to our beta and you'll receive an invitation to play this super awesome and exciting Shoot 'em up. 

Random facts about Mitch

  • It's a simple vertical endless shoot 'em up where you have to fight Minions and their level boss with an online highscore.
  • The game has absolutely no affiliation with any known TV character. Honestly!*
  • We started as ridiculous (kack-) noobs with no knowledge of Unity. This version is what we've learned in 4 weeks (+ a bit of optimization stuff).
  • The game is now optimized to even run on rather low performance devices. (We haven't decided yet if we support the Nokia 3210).

Electra, here we come!

Oh, come on! Don't say you haven't expected something like this? Electra was the only suitable name for the next version.

In the last days we've decided to completely start over with all the learnings we've made. We've also redefined our concept to be a bit more... erm... different. (And by different we mean better) Expect it to be completely random(!), probably as random as this crazy internet thingy is. Following our release cycle the next beta will be available on April 1st – jokes on you!

By the way, if you're able to guess the name of the 0.3 release, post it on our Facebook wall and if you are lucky, you can name the 0.4 release.

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* I lied.


Stefan Malzner

Whenever Stefan is not pushing pixels to their limit he's on his never ending mission to find the perfect cheeseburger (recipe). A friend once called him a hipster but he's still denying it. Is hipster still a thing? OMG! This is so 2013!