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In order to understand todays blogpost slightly better, you need to apply two of the very basic cool-kids-indie-studio-club rules.

Rule #1: take life super seriously.
Rule #2: act professional, always.

Those two rules are the foundation of everything we do and why we do what we do so professionally.

A Maze Festival – here we come.

A MAZE. Festival Berlin – here we come. Thx to our buddies from Blossom, Securebeam, and Stockwerk Coworking for helping us out.

Posted by Bloodirony Games on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Thankfully, most of the people who signed up to our beta or commented on our channels understood those two rules very well. So, we have decided to share some comments that fit our quirky humor. 

  • The music of Marc Bolan & T Rex can often be used to soothe a rash or hush a cranky child.
    – Mothy

  • Oh my George Foreman! That looks amazeballs! 😃😜😃
    – skylined87
  • Stop saying "awesome" already!
    – Jonathan

  • I am hungry to defile Justin Belieber by using a big f*cking cat gun!
    – Markus

  • I’m the worst online player between Scheibs and Nebraska.
    – Martin
    – Design by Adrian

  • David Bowie is likely an alien.
    – Matthew

And then there is one comment that captured my heart on our toucharcade thread:

  • I still can't get over the fact, that these small indie studio's that consist of only 2/3 (very talented) people, can produce such amazing, high caliber and fun games. Bloodirony Games, Bloody Awesome 1st game! Looking forward to the release in July (also my birthday that month).
    – new_ipodtouch5G_owner

If people keep signing up at this rate and leave comments like that, it's likely that we will update this post regularly.  


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