About us

Bloodirony Games

We are a small Vienna based game studio fully dedicated to creating mobile indie games. Our heart beats for music, food, mobile technology and most importantly for unicorns. The ultimate goal of our mission to eradicate boredom is nothing less than to save mobile gaming. On top of that, in our current game Shooting Stars we're even saving the entire world (from evil aliens). 

The way we work is much like a six month game-jam where we're able to constantly push ourselves to the limit to achieve the best product possible without losing sight of our goals. Relying on our big corporate background as well as on our startup background we are building on the perfect basis for an agile process like this. 

We love our community. For this very reason we've decided to deeply integrate our community into the way we craft games. We love to share our ideas, the progress we make, the challenges we face and the insights we gather. We appreciate your opinion – and so does the Rainbow Unicorn. So don't forget to check our Blog.

We are Bloodirony Games.

bloodirony games


Michael "asebist" Hartinger
gamedesign & business

Michael is a passionate gamer, musician, homemaker and proud father of two. With Bloodirony Games he realized a lifelong wish to create video games and squeeze lazer beams* out of innocent little kittens.


* Bloodirony Games considers a Lazer Beam the most awesome version of a Laser Beam. Just deal with it.