Shooting Stars is coming July 9th

As most of you may know, we've spent the last six months working non-stop to create the worlds best mobile game called Shooting Stars! This game strives to combine great gameplay, super easy controls and lots and lots of fun. Or in other words, we drank about 12 megatankers of coffee, fred bull and horst limo (they should start paying us for this shameless product placement).

And as the first reviews and hands on are coming in, it seems like we've done a pretty good job! But hey... we are not here to tell you how awesome we are, we are here to tell you, how awesome every single one of you is! Without your help and feedback, we wouldn't have made it this far! Thanks a million! (delivered with rainbow glitter)

And since you are super important to us, we want to share a huge secret with you. Are you ready?

🎈Shooting Stars will be available July 9th for iOS🎈

Add the date to your calendar (ics file)

For us, this announcement feels like birthdays, international burger day, rainbow unicorn day and stroke a kitty day coming all at once! Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, isn't it? So, we've decided to put together a new Release Trailer just for this super awesome! Ready, set, watch!

Android Version coming later that July

We did not forget about you fellow Android folks. Shooting Stars is coming for Android in July too but we need to do some more polishing and testing. And everyone knows that shipping a buggy version sucks. 

Except the fact that we're so incredibly excited about the upcoming weeks there's nothing to add!


Stefan Malzner

Whenever Stefan is not pushing pixels to their limit he's on his never ending mission to find the perfect cheeseburger (recipe). A friend once called him a hipster but he's still denying it. Is hipster still a thing? OMG! This is so 2013!