Shooting Stars! out now!

For us, this is probably one of the craziest moments since we have founded Bloodirony Games – 'cause today, shit just got real and we couldn't be prouder!

But to skip my usual emotion-filled jabbering let's jump right into it.
In the name of the Bloodirony Team, I am beyond excited to announce that Shooting Stars is finally available at the AppStore.

About Shooting Stars!

Shooting Stars! is a mobile roguelike shoot 'em up. It's all about evil aliens, superstars, cats and rainbow lazers. Aliens have secretly conquered the earth and replaced all the famous pop-culture superstars by installing evil marionettes serving one purpose only – to control all human life. The sacred rainbow unicorn made it your mission to free the imprisoned stars, fight back the evil aliens and restore the balance of entertainment on planet earth. 

Thank you for all your support!

We want to thank so many people for their endless support. Without you, Bloodirony and Shooting Stars! wouldn't even be close to what Shooting Stars! finally became.

Thank you so much Katharina, Johanna, Stefan, Chiara, Francesco, Johannes, Jan, Sönke, Josef, David, Thomas, Philipp, Alexander, Stockwerk, Noodlecake, Wirtschaftsagentur Austria (Departure) and of course, thanks to you dear Rainbow Unicorn!

Please help us to spread the word

We have a lot of screenshots and made even more crazy gifs for you to share on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and all the other platforms old people like us have never heard of. The hashtag is #ShootingStarsGame. So please, help us to spread the word that Shooting Stars! is finally available on the AppStore.

Find all the craaazy gifs in our imgur gallery and screenshots on our press page.

What about android?

Android is coming soon, there is still no official date yet but let's say that it will be before Gamescom :)
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If you have this burning feeling that you need Shooting Stars! right now, we will definitely not stop you from downloading it.


May the Rainbow Unicorn be with you

Michael, Alex & Stefan


Stefan Malzner

Whenever Stefan is not pushing pixels to their limit he's on his never ending mission to find the perfect cheeseburger (recipe). A friend once called him a hipster but he's still denying it. Is hipster still a thing? OMG! This is so 2013!