Foodwar: Voxel vs. Pixel (updated)

A few weeks ago we've been at the very relaxed A Maze Festival in Berlin. Besides presenting Shooting Stars to an incredible crowd I accidentally started a voxel vs. pixel foodwar with my buddy Josef – Whoops! 

On top of that, I even lost the first round. But luckily for me, Josef is challenging me for a second round and now it's time to defend my honor.

Ladies, Gentleman and Unicorns, are you ready for the second world changing and mesmerizing voxel vs. pixel Foodwar?  

In the left corner of the ring, Voxel-Josef and in the right corner, Pixel-Stefan.

Ready, set, vote! [UPDATE: voting is over]

Please help us to determine a winner for the second voxel vs. pixel Foodwar.

Btw: Josef is using his cool voxel stuff for a pretty cool game called "Checkout".

"Checkout" is a playful commentary about modern day society, consumption and the gap between rich and poor. You are playing a supermarket cashier who works really hard to achieve just about minimum legal wage. At the same time you are contributing to the profit growth of a global food retail chain and its owner's astronomical wealth. 
"Checkout" is developed by Josef Wiesner & Felix Bohatsch and combines social commentary with the arcadey fun of improving your scanning skills.


We have a winner!

Unfortunately, it's not me. But I want to thank the 172 voters to participate in our foodwar. And I especially want to thank those 80 beautiful people who voted for me. I will definitely challenge Josef for a third round, whenever my broken ego is healed. 

Anyway, congratulations Josef, you have earned this victory.

Final Result of the Foodwar uservoting

Final Result of the Foodwar uservoting


Stefan Malzner

Whenever Stefan is not pushing pixels to their limit he's on his never ending mission to find the perfect cheeseburger (recipe). A friend once called him a hipster but he's still denying it. Is hipster still a thing? OMG! This is so 2013!