Get the Shooting Stars tunes (Free DL)

On Monday we kicked off the early beta test for our game Shooting Stars. The positiv feedback we received so far was simply overwhelming. Thank you for all the great suggestions to improve the game!

Since the launch, we have established this little morning routine where Michael shows us the latest highscore entries. So, two days into the beta run, we had this jaw-dropping moment when we saw that the player "Duderino" has quadrupled our personal highscore with a score of 1644. In words: onethousandsixhundredfourtyandfreakingfour. This is completely amazing! – We should mention that you need to play for approximately two hours to reach a score like that.

If you want to beat Duderinos highscore, feel free to join the cool kids beta club and sign up. We'll send you an invitation link as soon as possible.

Well, back to the original topic. Since it's Friday, the sun is shining and after a great week like this, we feel like celebrating with you. And just because we know that there is no better way to celebrate then with music, we want to share some tracks that we have made. Feel free to download and share them.

To be as cryptic as possible: some of those tracks are already available in the current beta. Some of them may be available in the near future and... I'm sorry I'm not allowed to tell you, but it's going to be awesome! (just imagine this "awesome" in a super high pitched voice).

So, enjoy some of asebists great retro tracks:

Enjoy some tracks I've made for Shooting Stars:


Stefan Malzner

Whenever Stefan is not pushing pixels to their limit he's on his never ending mission to find the perfect cheeseburger (recipe). A friend once called him a hipster but he's still denying it. Is hipster still a thing? OMG! This is so 2013!